System Software Lab.


The main focus of System Software Laboratory is to design, develop, and evaluate system software technologies that can support the diversity of emerging applications, including high-performance scientific applications and data-intensive applications, and new computer architectures. Our laboratory is particularly interested in innovative technologies for the efficient and reliable management of large-scale systems based on virtualization.


Engineering BLDG 3. 106 Rm. 605 

Research Interests

System software technologies for next-generation computing systems to support emerging applications and new computer architectures.

  • Cloud computing
  • Virtualization
  • Machine learning platforms
  • Big data analytics platforms
  • Resource management for large-scale systems
  • Scientific computing
  • Next generation supercomputing systems

Current Students

  • Eunji Hwang, Ph.D.'s degree 2019, currently at KT Research
  • Dohyung Kim, Master's degree 2019, currently at TmaxSoft
  • Olzhas Kaiyrakhmet, Master's degree 2019, currently at Arista, Ireland
  • Hyungoo Kim, Master's degree 2018, currently at LG Electronics
  • Jaewon Kwak, Master's degree 2017, currently at Naver
  • Taekyung Yoo,  Master's degree 2015, currently at NEXON Korea