System Software Lab.

We are actively looking for excellent graduate students (who can start from 2022 Spring or later) for research positions and undergraduate students for internships. Please contact us via email if interested.


The main goal of my research is to develop computer systems and system software technologies for supporting new classes of large-scale applications including machine learning and big data analytics efficiently on top of evolving hardware technologies such as accelerators and non-volatile memory.


Engineering BLDG 3. 106 Rm. 605

Research Interests

System software technologies for next-generation computing systems to support emerging applications and new computer architectures.

  • Cloud computing

  • Machine learning platforms

  • Storage systems

  • Big data analytics platforms

  • Resource management for large-scale systems

  • Scientific computing

  • Next-generation supercomputing systems

Current Students


  • Changmin Yi, Master's degree 2021, currently at Movon

  • Seontae Kim, Ph.D.'s degree 2020, currently at SQR, CTO

  • Songyi Lee, Master's degree 2020, currently at Kakao

  • Eunji Hwang, Ph.D.'s degree 2019, currently at KT Research, Senior Researcher

  • Dohyung Kim, Master's degree 2019, currently at TmaxSoft

  • Olzhas Kaiyrakhmet, Master's degree 2019, currently at Arista, Ireland

  • Nguyen Pham, Master's degree 2018, currently at Trusting Social

  • Hyungoo Kim, Master's degree 2018, currently at LG Electronics

  • Jaewon Kwak, Master's degree 2017, currently at Naver

  • Taekyung Yoo, Master's degree 2015, currently at SK Telecom